Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blasphemous Brassieres

There is a funny thread at RfM about wearing garments. One of the men posed a question about whether or not it's true that endowed mormon women are told to wear their bras over their garment tops. For the record, yes they are. I still have an ugly image of myself burned into my mind of wearing my then favorite red velvet bra OVER my garments. Sex appeal has never been so successful. Yeah. To someone without the ability to see maybe. Now you, dear unfortunate reader, have this gag-inducing image seared into your brain as well. But I digress.

A poster with the moniker Laban's Head added this to the topic, "After years of trying to make it work I finally started to wear the bra under the garments. My then teenaged daughter got all righteous on me and had some words to say. I told her that when God started wearing a bra, then he could have an opinion on how it should be worn."

So funny. I wish I had a picture of myself in that red velvet bra with my garments to add to this post. That's something to lament.

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  1. If I could add a funny anecdote of my own... Back when I got married, I had this hair brained idea that it would be cool if my soon-to-be wife and mother went lingerie shopping - To this day I have no idea what on earth inspired me to suggest it.

    Anyway, so they're off shopping, and looking at rather conservative lacy and frilly stuff, and my mother says something to my wife about... "They're all very pretty, but they just don't look the same over garments." My wife about choked to death trying to contain her shock and some laughter.

    She didn't say anything, but her thoughts were... "Um... I'm not planning on wearing garments on my wedding night!"